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2 abr. 2008

NEW YORK TIMES dijo NO a HidroAysén

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New York Times Says NO to HidroAysén!

There are a few factual errors in the piece, but the New York Times has published an op-ed piece that says NO to the construction of mega-dams on the Pascua and Baker Rivers in the Chilean Patagonia.Take a look at their opinion page to read their Patagonia Without Dams piece. This is worth a read, and worth distributing.This is certainly quite an exciting development! My guess is that it is the movers and shakers at NRDC who were able to get the Times editorial board on to this issue. Great work!Hopefully ENDESA and the Matte family can get the message now, before this campaign has to heat up much more! It is also time for Michelle Bachelet to show the world who is the president in Chile, and put an end to this monumental waste of time and energy that is the HidroAysén proposal to dam the Baker and Pascua rivers.

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